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Where did I go wrong?

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    I recently played the following game (blitz, admittedly, but time wasn't a factor). I developed a strong attack but it petered out, and I'm trying to find where I could have forced the win (if indeed I could have). I'm going to gloss over the opening and start in the position where I launch my ultimately fruitless attack.

    I did limp on a piece down for 13 more moves before time got the better of me and I tossed my queen as well. My question is, did I have a better way of pressing the attack to victory than the path I took (or the sidelines I briefly analysed), or should I have just taken the advantage I had the option to get and played out the superior endgame?

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     bh6,bg7,bxb,kxb,Qg4,nb5,rad1,bc6, etc.

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    6. Rxf6 and you'll be up a piece soon after that move.

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    In move six i might have done Nxc7 forking your opponents rooks. take the e6 rook endagering your opponents queen and have a discovered check.( meaning you move you knight your opponent is in check and your knight can hit a weak spot a rook in two move maybe) and the game is yours. With the move you made you only succede in giving away your knight.

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    Actually, after 6. Rxf6 and probably 7. Nxd5, you have a potential for mate with a possible 8. Ne7+

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    sunshiny is right...u did some good analysis.  But, also 11.r-e7 winning queen for rook

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    6. Rxf6 was the clear winner, exploiting the pinned knight on d5.

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    I didn't look at other's responses but 11. Re7+ is a crusher.

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    Thanks guys. Can't believe I missed 11.Re7 (both in-game and in my analysis) but Rxf6 is really, REALLY obvious now, must just have passed over the fact that the rook was defended twice forgetting that one of the defenders was the pinned knight. I was pleased with the overall attack but just couldn't quite finish it - its a learning curve, I guess!


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