Where did I go wrong?


Can somebody show me where I went wrong and what I could of done please?

And maybe a few tips to get better?


P.S. Don't judge me, I do not deserve my rating


With all due respect you should resigned a long time. Stronger players won't play you if they know you hang on in hopeless positions.


its hard to say from just a lost game position.  Here is the game.


1) e3 --- this is not an opening.   If white moves a pawn in the opening, it should move 2 squares.  You give up your slight advantage, by going first, with such a move.

3) loses a pawn for no good reason.

8) ke2: can no longer castle.  Block with the bishop and recapture with the knight if he takes is much much better.

10) throwing away another pawn for nothing.

13) throwing away a knight for nothing.  This one is more forgivable at your rating, easy to miss this one, but the result is the same.

15) Rg1 is pretty good.

18) take the bishop with the pawn!!!!!!!!  Moving the king INTO a worse spot is bad.

19) take the bishop.  The pawn can wait. 

22) .... and *because* you took the pawn and *because* you put your king out there exposed and *because* you forced him to move that rook when you took the pawn .... you lose a queen. 

At this point it is game over.  


F4 ! U just can not open up kingside like that.

jonnin wrote:

its hard to say from just a lost game position.  Here is the game.

Sorry, I though I put the game in, not the final move. thanks for that