Why Is This Not a Stalemate


I lost on time, yet there were 2.3 seconds left after my last move.
HEre is the URL:


Doh!, Yes you're right. I had a kng pawn endgame in my brain when I asked th4e question.



Your opponent missed Re8 which would have been checkmate.


Yeah. That game was all messed up. I really don't care for 3 min blitz with no increment.



I actually like Black's position after 18. h4, in which 18...Nxg4+ and the 19...Ne3 fork would be good.


After 23. Kg1, 23...Qg4+ looks quite good too, as White seems to be on the verge of getting checkmated.


As a side curiosity, I wonder if White knew about en passant (after 24...f5).

eric0022 wrote:


As a side curiosity, I wonder if White knew about en passant (after 24...f5).

Yes, I know en passant and yes, I missed it.  3m, no increment blitz is to fast and not productive/enjoyable for me at this time. I've returned to 5m blitz/10m rapid.
I understand the error of my original request. Like I said, I had the errobeous image of a K vs KP endgame in my mind where the pawn in front of me was not mine but the opponent's.


Thanks to everyone for their input.


The King still can move side-ways  to left and to right, and if he moves to the corner , the white Rook goes to d8# but if the king goes to f8  the Rook does have a "Waiting-move" (goes to d2 until d6  or does another move King - or Pawn -move