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Wrong Endgame play

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    I had a passed pawn in this position and gave counterplay for my oppenent and blew the position in time pressure.. This is a crazy endgame...I would appreciate

    your comment guys!!

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    I immediately see mistakes right out of the opening: You released the tension with Nxd4 after black's unprincipled 3...Nd4?  Just castle, and if he takes the Nf3 you can recapture with the queen.  Developing the knight to c3 looks good too.

    You then played 5.c3 challenging the pawn, but it just gives you a backward pawn at d2.

    After 5...Bc5 you missed a tactical shot with 6.Bxf7+,Kxf7 7.Qh5+,g6 8.Qxc5. 

      At move 18 you have the bishop pair and he has an isolated d-pawn, but it isn't on an open file. 

    19.Bc3 controls a5 preventing the fork and still controls the long diagonal.

    24.Qxd6 wins the pawn, I'd consider 24.Qb7 here but it gives black a little counterplay, white is still winning I think though.

    27.Qa5 was correct, why trade queens yours is far more active!  You can sweep up that b-pawn and have a dangerous passed pawn. 

    29...h6?? was a big mistake, now you can come back into the game swinging with 30.f3! activating your rook preventing Rxf2. 30.f3,Rb2 31.Bc5,Bb1 32.d4 gives you oodles of threats, he has no counterplay.

    37.Ra5?? equalizes, you were winning before.  Soltis in Turning Advantage into Victory in Chess warns against blindly grabbing pawns.  Your passed pawns are important, not his blocked ones.  He doesn't even have enough time to capture and promote it anyway as yours are too far advanced.  37.Ra7! preparing to advance forces black to react to these threats.  He may even have to give up a piece for the pawn.  By the time you occupied the seventh rank it was too late, the bishop went to the same diagonal as its pawn, which also controls the square in front of your passed pawn.

    37.Ra7 keeps the bishop off d7, he has amazing drawing chances there.

    39...Bxe4 was called for by black creating pressure on the g2 pawn, but Ba8?? gives you another winning chance.  40.d7! what are you waiting for?

    42...f5?? now you have two connected passed pawns.

    45.e6 this is an elementary win, no need to sac material for nothing.

    He blundered again after your equalizing blunder,

    54.Kf2! blocks his passed pawn, you're winning yet again.

    56.d8=Q?? is the losing move for you, you had to neutralize his counterplay, right near your king first. 

    56...f8=Q his queen is far more dangerous as it coordinates with his rook and bishop whereas yours is farther out of play.

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    Wow TheGreatOogieBoogie Thank you so much for taking this much time for your valuable comments especailly about Ra5 and Soltis example. But i believe 3.NXd4 and c3 are possible main lines..


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