10 move game 100% best move


Btw, I played two USCF OTB rated games last month. One of those had a 100% score. I wasn't particularly pleased with it tho because I made a mistake in the opening before the computer started analyzing. (The mistake had occurred before, so it wasn't counted as a mistake.)



According to chessbase mega database:

12.Nb3 is the better move.  It gives white a winning percentage of 67.2%, as opposed to 12.Nf3 which comes in at 33.3%

12.Nb3 hasnt been played since 2016?  So maybe something was found that is good for black?


I think the "?" after 12.Nf3 is a bit strong - I don't see a refutation. If there is only a sample size of 3 games relative to the main continuation having 30+ games, statistical comparisons with the scoring percentage are usually close to meaningless without analysis. 16...Qg6+? is a kind of "thank-you move" in that forces White to improve his position.


12.Nf3 invites a repetition, if nothing else. It certainly wasn't a great move. I think White can improve earlier tho.


Nice work smyslovfan! grin.png


Makes sense, FishEyedFools.