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206 move game

  • #1

    I owned this guy's soul for 206 moves :P

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    That's called torturing innocent civilians, and it's forbidden by the Geneva convention. Without much skilled play, it could be over in 60 moves.

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    Shouldn't the game have ended because of the 50 move rule????

  • #4

    dude, seriously? YOu were up a rook and knight by move 43. That's just lame. You should be blocked

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    GreenLeaf14 wrote:

    Shouldn't the game have ended because of the 50 move rule????

    No. The 50 move counter is restarted each time a pawn is moved, and I guess the OP moved a pawn every 40 moves or so.

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    the 50 move rule i think means that if after  50 moves no piece or pawn is captured the game is a draw

  • #7

    ...but it also requires the pawn movement rule you mentined as well...but havent the 50 moves passed? i dont know cause after the first 30 moves of rook knight and pawns vs lone king its just horrible to watch...

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    GreenLeaf14 wrote:

    the 50 move rule i think means that if after  50 moves no piece orpawn is captured he game is a draw

    No. It's 50 moves without anything is captured or a pawn moves (in fact, these are 50 irreversible moves, and as pawns cannot go backwards, moving a pawn is irreversible).

  • #9

    The OP is singularly well-named.

  • #10

    Great nickname :D

    Plus this kind of torture is justified, because white could've just resigned years ago.

  • #11

    Well, playing 200 moves would be torture for me regardless...but especially if I was winning and could've ended it much much sooner.

  • #12

    thanks for the comments guys -  i was sure to move pawns occasionally to avoid the 50 move rule but i actually could have advanced even slower and be ok

  • #13

    Yeah, 300 moves...a real triumph.

  • #14

    Then you do see the point. Smile

  • #15

    Why did I just watch that game through Frown

  • #16

    I stopped somewhere at 60.


    Both of them seem to have a lot of free time on their hands.

  • #17

    I would laugh pretty hard if you stalemated!

  • #18
    Frankiebones7983 wrote:

    Okay first of all after move 13 the game should be over if both players were intelligent players it is clear black has gone up a whole piece without any compensation for white. I can understand a player playing more moves after that on the bad end, but once down both a rook and knight for nothing any sensible person would have resigned.

    Second of all the 50 move rule does not apply to drawing this game. Black made enough pawn moves often enough so white could not draw it.

    This game displays a lack of skill on both sides. It is clear that the op does not win very often b/c he just had to drag out one of his few wins as long as possible. His opponent should have just resigned sooner b/c had no chances for anything but a blunderous stalemate. I was actually cheering for white to get a stalemate or draw by repition or 50 move rule towards the end. It would have served black right for screwing around so much, but there was not justice.

    LMAO lack of skill on both sides?  i don't win much so when i do i drag it out as long as i can? i was looking back at this old topic and i obviously just played it out as long as i could just to see how many moves i could make and see if he would keep playing lol

  • #19

    wow.  This is probably the stupidest thing I've seen in my life.  What a waste of time.  You truly are a chesshole.


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