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A Fun Little Swindle

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    I'm barely even a beginner, and so was my opponent, so I'm not saying this was spectacular, just fun. Not sure if this meets the official definition of a swindle, but this guy had me against the ropes.

    If there's any lesson at all to be learned here, it's that what looks like a blunder may actually be bait.

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    Some fish are so wary but if you use the right worm...

    Well played !

    Edit: To give it the proper name, this is a Deflection rather than a swindle - the queen needed to remain on the b-file in order to defend against this kind of attack. But black really should have seen that coming - Ouch. I bet he will next time !

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    Was this against me? lol.

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    I only WISH my games against you were as easy as this one.

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    Ha! Clever ending! Reminds me of this game I played:


    Your swindle was smarter though...My opponent was lured by the prospect of promoting a piece to get a Queen to match up with his rook. My only job was keeping the pin on my opponent's bishop, noticing the potential oversight and taking advantage, and praying that he was too distracted by the pawn promotion to notice my mate.

    You actually sacrificed a piece and tricked your opponent into losing.

    My "swindle" victory was a very badly played game, especially by me but by both sides really. It's still my favorite win Laughing

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    Definitely a swindle!


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