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A great game with a fab ending (smothered mate).

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    Gambitking wrote:

    Sorry, I misread your post a bit... but based on my blitz rating... my turn-based rating is WAY higher! LOL--it's only the 'long' games that I've gotten 'lucky' and done reasonably well in!

    So I almost wonder if the error is on the other side, after all!

    I was judging by standard games, and looking back, your standard live rating is 119 points lower than your turn-based rating, so i was on the money. Obviously you are not a blitz player, but I don't see how that is relevant.

    I really don't understand what you mean by "on the other side." Your online ratings are higher than your live ratings in all categories, as I expected.

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    padman wrote:

    You're saying he's "obviously not a blitz player" because his standard live rating is somewhat lower than his turn-based rating? That's absurd and condescending as well. Do you realize that online chess ratings are inflated in general and usually the difference is several hundred?

    I would love to hear what kind of rating someone should have to qualify as a "blitz player".

    I would expect a blitz player to have a good blitz rating.


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    the idiot of bojan_kdrfbeur or whoever he was, has been banned from chess.com.. what a rat..

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    nice !!


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