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A nice ending

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    Hello in a recent game i played i played a few sacs and got mate just wondering was there a quicker mate and were the sacs sound? 

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    Spice_Girls_Fanatic wrote:

    Wut wuz up with 5. ...Bb4+ anyway?  

    i was trying to mess my whites pawn structure by provoking his next move so his knight would have to d2 which is not as good as the square that his pawn is covering

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    Spice_Girls_Fanatic wrote:

    But wut if White respond with 6. Nc3 then you prepared to give up the Biship Pair or what?  And wut was up with retreating to Bd6, was that what you wanted?

    6.nc3 would mean his knight is pinned which is good for me and i gave up the bishop pair so i could open lines for my rook

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    remember this was only a live game so there was time pressure im sure i could have made much better moves than what i played (espically the rook blunder) the real reason i posted this was to see if my hunch was correct and the sacrifices were sound

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    28 bxc4  then what ?  Wink

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    Spice_Girls_Fanatic wrote:

    I say already by move 6 White should absolute encourage a Night for Biship trade to deprive you of the Bishiop pair.  And why U dodge the question of your ...Bd6 move?

    What was your intention to block in the d-pawn please.

    i already said this was a live game so there was time pressure and i could have played better moves but i was simply trying to get my bishop and my queen working together

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    Why wait until 28? 27...bxc4, two rooks down and mate prevented with queen on b7. Your position is lost.

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    Spice_Girls_Fanatic wrote:

    Well you should have saed this was a 10-0 blitz game.  I only looked at the first 8 moves or so.  But I think that 28. bxc4 would have put a quick ass stop to your mating party.

    k so the sacs were not sound i guess after b x c4 and queen takes his rook there is no concrete mating pattern?

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    Spice_Girls_Fanatic wrote:

    Look at the position after White's move 21: the two sides have even material but you could more easily penetrate the dark squares (a1, b2, c1, a3, c3) around White's King since you had a dark-sq Bishop opposed by White's light-sq Bishop.  Your Queen was better placed also.

    So if it weren't for the Rook blunders then you most likely could have forced a checkmate by planting a diagonal pieces on a3 and c3 with a rook on the c-file or something.

    okay thats good to know in a real game i probabley would not have made that blunder so i guess it was an okay sac of the pawns

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    Metaknight251 wrote:

    after 26. Qb7??, why didn't you play Rc1+ and Qb2#

    must have missed it thanks 


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