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A satisfying win

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    is 23.Qa5 the best move? i think b3 might be better winnning the bishop for two pawns?

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    I like your finish.

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    Blasterdragon: Sorry don't see it

    NachtWulf:  Thanks very much!

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    Seems Nc4 turned out to be a nice outpost for my knight, wish I hadn't had to give him up for a rook but felt it was better than continuing to press the attack without the extra material

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    Wish I hadn't given up the H pawn, but I had a significant advantage early on and think that even after losing the H pawn, my chances of losing were pretty slim if I played it decently well

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    hard to know though

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    At move 15 I'm sure there was better, but what?  Wish I knew, I'll have to run this through computer analysis.   Almost think Ra3 was better but don't know

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    If you look at the moves in blue on the right, you'll see what I mean. In that case, yes, Ra3 was the move I was talking about.

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    Ook, yeah that probably would've been better

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    But couldn't the open lane I would be aiming for be denied with Qa7 and Rb7? What would I do then?

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    Oh, I see. Hmm... Yeah, I suppose there's no tactic there, then, since black can threaten ...Nh5 if it's prepared with ...e6. On move 14, I'd actually suggest a breakthrough with b4. Obviously if queen takes, Rb1 is lethal. If pawn takes, a3 is enough to bust open one file or another, and then white has enough firepower to crush the exposed black king. The mistake here was castling queenside into dispersed pawns.

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    Yeah I can see what you're saying, b4 would indeed insure an open file which would probably be enough to crush black's king.  I still feel that, if black had castled kingside, I would've been able to win with the significant developmental, material, and positional advantages I had, but it would've been much more difficult.  So I would definitely agree with you on that-  castling queenside was probably black's worst mistake.

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    About black's mistakes, d4 was certainly another major positional one as well. In the Rossolimo, one of white's possible plans is to force black to make that push, creating two isolated c-pawns for white to target. That was unnecessary in this game, though, since black failed to develop quickly. On the other hand, black's typical plan is to prove that a bishop advantage is worth having cumbersome c-pawns. Black will also try to stop white from locking up the position (after attaining king safety, of course).

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    Chessdude007 wrote:

    Blasterdragon: Sorry don't see it

    NachtWulf:  Thanks very much!

    23.b5 traps the bishop then you just advance your king to his darksquared bishop swing your rook and the bishops taken


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