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An interesting queen trap

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    I was playing a higher ranked opponent in this game recently and serendipitously played a nice queen trap that I thought was interesting. Having just lost key support of my queen center pawn (line 6) and come under attack from my opponents queen (line 9), I moved to defend with my white square bishop. This left my queen's knight pawn undefended, which my opponent capitalized on (line 10). The result was a very tense defense of some minor pieces as I tried to parry the attack, resulting in a trapped queen. The trap was unexpected on my side, and I even wasted a move ( black move from line 13) before closing the trap completely. Though my opponent resigned at this point, the trade would have been the previous lost pawn and a minor piece for the white queen. I thought some forum readers might find this interesting, perhaps even using or modifying it. I have played chess for some time but only recenty tried to become a student of the game, so apologies if I am posting a well known combination.

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    nice trap

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    It would have been beautiful had it been deliberate.

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    The next time it will be deliberate ;-)


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