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Another Crazy Game

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    I was playing in Live Chess(which has improved alot since the update), in an unrated game, so I allowed myself to go crazy, and here's the game:


    I liked 2 things in this game: my opening, and the conclusion. I hope you enjoyed it too!
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    i believe your opponent would have been better off by capturing the bishop on move 46. ie.

    46. Bh5+ Kxh5

    47. g4+ hxg3 (en passant)

    48. Rxh2 gxh2

    And you would still be a pawn up and most probably would win but you opponent would have a much better fighting chance as your king would be away from the center passed pawn in order to capture his/her h-pawn and that way he could direct his king there. But thats just me.

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    I agree. That's what I would've done, and what I expected him to do. I intended to force a draw. But he overreached himself, and lost.

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    your opponent missed a smothered mate on move thirty. shame.


    edit; my bad, he was pinned.


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