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Applying principles From The Amateur's Mind

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    In the game below I used the technique of addressing the imblances to win the game. The Technique is in Silman's book "The Amateur's mind".

    After exchanging a knight for a bishop, I sought to remove my oponents possible outpost squares and, more importantly, I started opening up the board in order to increase the power of my extra fianchettoed bishop. The imblance was that I had the extra bishop and he had the extra knight, so I attempted the make the board favour bishops.

    And in fact, it was the very same fianchettoed bishop that won the game with a rather nice move. So, thoughts?

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    8..c5 would have been nice to see, trying to tear open the diagonal for the fianchettoed bishop. You allowed him to build a big centre and queenside space advantage without challenging it, which is ok if it hadn't of been for 15...b5? which cements his space advantage while trying to harass a piece that needs to move into a better position anyway. Luckily 16.bxc5? was played instead of Nb2( to be followed by Nd4 maybe).


    It's good that you were aware of the imbalance, but would have been better to see you try and accentuate it by tearing through the diagonal at some point. 25.e4? luckily solved that problem for you.11. c5 works too, as the e-pawn is pinned 'cos of the bishop's latent pressure, but even 11.h4 followed by c5 would have been a good plan too.


    It's funny about 11.Bd3? White doesn't want to exchange because he has a space advantage but neither do you because of the bishop pair. At least not yet.

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    oh, and well spotted tactic.

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    Your opponent had the center. Which is confusing to me as i never saw a player just let the game slip away in this position. I think if your opponent had the knowledge you would have lost. He had chances to get that knight to an outpost and take away your use of  a file.

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    Thanks for the helpful comments guys, hopefully next time I can implement my plan instead of just knowing it!


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