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Assorted Decent Blitz/Lightning Games

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    By decent I mean decent for the time-control, hardly masterpieces by any means. Smile

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    My opponent probably should've tried Bb4+ and I have to interpose by knight in order to stay a piece ahead.

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    nevermind, Bd2 blocking is also fine as the bishop is attacked, no time for f5 & on principle, getting ahead in development & gaining time.

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    As soon as I get ChessBase on this computer I really am going to analyze all my (mostly very poor quality) quick & lightning games as I've been promising myself I would do for years.  Not sure if it will help my game any but playing them certainly hasn't (it doesn't help that I usually do so after a long day with my toddler or occasionally 1 min games in the library while she's playing a kid's game on the other computer!).  So I'll add games from my analysis rather than games I continue to play (I've tried to swear off quick chess before with little success so I won't promise anything but this thread will give me some incentive to dig up interesting gems Smile).

    Sorry for all the parentheses (it's a habit of mine Embarassed) though any chess players who's ever picked up a chess book should be used to this (alternatively I could have used the run-on-sentence variation, although if you simply remove the parentheses these two styles transpose). Laughing


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