Being saved from a butt-whipping: My first OTB tournament game


This was my first ever OTB tournament game, enjoy!


not a bad end position xD


some thoughts:  dont' give up bishops so easily - unless it strengthens your center, bishops are awesome in endgames.

13. ... Qd7 allows 14. Nxe5! so 13... dxe4 was best.

not bad though. keep playing otb!



I'm lmao right now...


As I'm sure you have reflected, the game is a lot more difficult and fraught/exciting  OTB than sat in the comfort of your lounge with all the modern trappings i.e. books/articles/database etc.

When's your next outing?


@ SC92:

@ PrawnEatsPrawn: There's a club tourney this tuesday night that i'll be at.
@ everyone else: thanx for the input and support, as well as the analysis :)

oop >.> =)


lol it's the simple replies that often escape us. (ex, my tourney game from last tuesday that i haven't had time to analyze yet, but lost because of a hasty blunder)