Being saved from a butt-whipping: My first OTB tournament game

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    This was my first ever OTB tournament game, enjoy!

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    not a bad end position xD


    some thoughts:  dont' give up bishops so easily - unless it strengthens your center, bishops are awesome in endgames.

    13. ... Qd7 allows 14. Nxe5! so 13... dxe4 was best.

    not bad though. keep playing otb!

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    I'm lmao right now...

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    As I'm sure you have reflected, the game is a lot more difficult and fraught/exciting  OTB than sat in the comfort of your lounge with all the modern trappings i.e. books/articles/database etc.

    When's your next outing?

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    @ SC92:

    @ PrawnEatsPrawn: There's a club tourney this tuesday night that i'll be at.
    @ everyone else: thanx for the input and support, as well as the analysis :)
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    oop >.> =)

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    lol it's the simple replies that often escape us. (ex, my tourney game from last tuesday that i haven't had time to analyze yet, but lost because of a hasty blunder)

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