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Best move I've ever played

  • #1

    Has got to be move 25 in this game

  • #2
    ludrah wrote:

    Best move I ever played was 1.e4


  • #3

    cool... just do the right order of moves and u win the game...nice game

  • #4

    Nice game. 

  • #5

    Wow...the way you attacked was incredible!

  • #6
    madhacker wrote:

    Has got to be move 25 in this game

    Yes, gg

  • #7

    I think move 15 in this game is a very close second place. Definitely the best 2 moves I've ever played.

  • #8

    Yeah, that was a great deflection tactic move! Extra impressive finding it under such time pressure... Thanks for sharing.


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