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Blunder ends in cool mate

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    This game was kind of typical for me - started out with a somewhat promising position, but then - BLUNDER!

    What happens next though - I sacrifice a rook for the iniative, and in the end I find a way to mate with my last few, heavily outnumbered, pieces!

    The accuracy of this game is not good, but then, few of my games ever are!

    The evaluation after Qb2 was a key moment in this game: the imbalances of material and temporary vs. permanent advantages had to be considered carefully and concrete lines calculated. Hopefully this is a nice example of using temporary advantages to triumph over permanent ones - you have to play energetically and by making threats!

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    Great game! 

    Thank you for sharing it. The annotations are very instructive.

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    fantastic comeback !! i really once thought that black is lost when you castled on queenside and on the verge of losing your bishop.

    hats off to you for nicely taking the advantage of your opponent's mistakes .

    but i really feel sorry for your opponent for blowing up such a good position. 

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    That's an amazing game. Thanks for sharing!

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    That's one brilliant rook sacrifice!

    It seems none of you actually knew how to play Najdorf, but you came on top just by playing energetically - as Najdorf should be played.

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