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Classic Bishop Sac.

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    Here's an excellent example of the bishop sac on h7 from one of my live chess. I think this type of attack is essential knowledge for any player. The book "The Art of Attack in Chess", it has a whole chapter devoted to the classic bishop sac, It's worthing getting the book just o read that chapter, I've gotten alot wins silimlar to this one.

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    Isn't this specifically called a "greek gift" sacrifice?

    Great game!

    I don't get why your opponent was trying to transpose into a bogo-indian on move 5, it's so clear that it wasn't going to work... I don't know if Ng4 looked better, that was screaming for 10...Ng5 (which would have put your attack to rest but would have created a losing game anyways)

    But then again you have a much higher rating than me, so I will shut up now. Tongue out

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    yeah his fifth move didn't really make any sense, I don't know maybe he wanted to take the c3 square away from my knight.

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    No, Bishops are to special to give away.

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    well I wasn't really giving it a way since taking it loses.

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    yes that was nice


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