crazy game

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    I think he made a mistake by  moving 2. Ke2 instead of 2. Qe2. ( still a bad move by blocking white B ). Here's the thread on this move forum here:

    In my experience, I absentmindedly moved my king in 2 of my past games thinking I was moving my Q then realized my mistake after the move was submitted! Laughing

    Well done Juicysnail Thank you for sharing.

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    I think you could have made this game much easier for yourself with 9...Qxd3. The fork atleast wins atleast 3 points.

    10.Ke1 Qxe3+. wins the bishop

    10. Kf2 Nxe4+ 11.Ke1 Qxe3+ wins the bishop or 11.Nxe4 Qxd1 12 Rxd1 Rxd1. Winning a rook and a pawn for your knight. 

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    Hi juicy snail. Thinking 2... d5 threat of B g4+ opens up position maybe?

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    Althoug white's opening was awful and showed no care about material (sacrificed knight for nothing), black also played weak moves:

    9. ... b6 wasn't necessary since it weakened light squares

    12. ... Bc5 was bad because it created isolated, doubled and weak pawns

    Then black wasted many moves defending the a7 pawn and even offered a draw! being a whole piece up! Black only had to go 23. ... Kb8 (preventing any discovered check) and then Nb6 covering the b-file and finally try to exchange Rooks or put pressure on the e-pawn (or any other simple plan that involved taking advantage of the extra piece.

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    19. ... Qb5+

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    thanks everyone.

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    Well, this just falls under the "silly" catagory.

    Analysis? Only by a qualified psychiatrist!  Wink

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    Yeah; definintely 9. ... Qxd3 crushes.  I don't know if there's any other point of analysis.

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    Wow, that is a crazy game!

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