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Crushing a high level computer

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    Hi everyone, I decided using chess.com for live games is pretty pointless as I'm not that strong in the fundamentals of chess to be playing rapid games yet (let alone Blitz or Bullet)

    So I decided to sit down, put some hardwork and play classical chess with a very high level computer. And now my use of chess.com is to ask for feedback from some fantastic players.

    Today was the first game (of a 12 game match that I've planned over the fortnight) and I surprisingly won! Here is the game. Tell me where I could have played better


    Time Taken by me: 62 minutes...time taken by computer: 23 minutes.......it was the maximum level of that particular application


    Any feedbacks welcome

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    Was this one of the Chessmaster personalities? It gave away a piece.

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    I wouldn't say that you crushed it.

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    @Zigwurst - Ha ha....yeah mate...I was very inaccurate with some moves I can sense that. Beating a very high level computer in 32 moves is new ground for me. Sorry for the excitement


    @Debistro - No it was an IPad app. I guess it had some quick checkmate if I had played a bad move in that stage. Computers always seem to value hanging on to pawns...or maybe it thought it could reduce it to a knight and pawns vs (2 extra) Pawns endgame...I would have lost that!

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    Nice game!

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    Chesserman63 wrote:

    Nice game!


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    You actually played it well, I would not consider it a high level computer software. But I admit most of your reasoning was correct and you played higher than what your rating suggests.

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    @MrTampa and @Chesserman63 - Thanks


    But in game 2, computer struck back. A poorly executed semi slav defence...I didn't make blunders per se but the positional mistakes were bad enough to swallow me up. And I took 70 minutes to build up this woeful shape which it easily crushed


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    The third game ended in a draw. The computer surprisingly played a Queen's Gambit Accepted line with a strange 3 ..e5 which I've rarely encountered. So I simplified the game and came of better in the opening but dilly dallyed with a bishop and lost a pawn leading to an hour and a half long struggle to pull off a draw. Please, give some feedbacks on whether my play was anywhere near acccurate enough (I would use engines but they suggest non human moves which cause lots of practical problems if implemented)


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    Hi! You actually seem to me quite under-rated. You seem to know your opening plans quite well. I could identify only a few problems. I believe your rating should be somewhere around 1500-1600. One of the mistakes I saw in the 1st game was 10.b3. To me it seems a blunder as Black can then play 10....Bxf3 11. gxf3 cxd4 12.cxd4 and your pawn structure is ruined dues to the doubled f pawns and isolated d.Also, after 12.....Nh5 it seems your king might be in danger. Otherwise, a pretty good game. In the second game why do you think 9....exd5 is bad? To me it seems to most logical approach. Besides after 12.Nh5 Bg6 13.Nxg6 hxg6 is perfectly fine. You do get doubled pawns, he gets Double bishops and the threat of c4. But Black still remains quite solid and you have got the h-file to work on too. One example can be after 12.Nh4 Bg6 13.Ng6 hg6 14.c4 Qd6(Qc7 might be fine but there is always the risk of Rc1 coming) 15.g3 Ng4! when Black has a great initiative. 

    I think your third game was your best. Agreed, you blundered a pawn, but who doesn't? Mistakes happen from time to time, but your resistance was quite good. Your rook ending technique too was quite impressive, especially considering your rating. Brilliant job man, and all the best fro your next games!

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