David Lazarus vs. Bryan Cohen


Notes courtesy of Bryan Cohen with more analysis likely to appear in the near future.


This was the decisive game in our last Garden State Chess League match for the 2016-2017 season.  The other three games in the match were drawn so we lost the match 2.5 to 1.5. 

Despite this match result we ended up finishing in a three way tie for third for the season and were awarded third place as a result of tiebreak points. 


Like I mentioned in the notes I quickly glanced at 28...f4!!, but I didn't realize the entire strength of the move.  And being in time pressure I did not have time to analyze it so I just stuck with my plan.

After the game I quickly analyzed the game with my opponent, and he was very proud of his counterattack idea of 27. f5 and 28. g6.  Only after we completed our quick analysis did I look at it again by myself and see the strength of 28...f4!!  And when I showed him what I had found his pride was a bit more subdued! 

The bottom line though is he forced me to take my time in the middlegame so therefore I had to move hastily towards the key part of the game, I blundered as a result, and of course he was victorious.  So really he had the last laugh.


some more analysis courtesy of Houdini 4 with the help of John M. Hagerty