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Deafeating an engine in 14 moves!

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    Engine ratins are a lot lower than they are.

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    yeah the 400 rating one loses its queen a lot

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    btw i like fairy-max opening ! (maybe only thing i like from it)

    1. c4e62. g3d53. Bg2Nf6   hmmmmmmmm..i like i like

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    well it was a funny game anyhow. sometimes this engine plays as strong as me and sometimes it plays like an 800.

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    I mated a radio shack little portable machine about 25 years ago in 4 moves and I lost my queen too.

    Anyone have any guess as to how that game went?

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    I just invinted a new game, inspired by Macer´s post #14. Simple rules: play against the Beginner computer and try to finish up with as much material difference as possible before mating. Stalemates on queening the last pawn are not valid!

    Maximum possible material difference = 103 (9xQ =81, 2xR=10, 2xB=6, 2xN=6). Here´s one for starters in which I got 91.


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    Hey that´s weird ... didn´t notice till you pointed it out, seems like the computer was slightly overtaxed ...


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