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    To me, this game is almost literary in a way, its a story with irony and poetic justice and also a moral.
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    I think a little more lowbrow - maybe the Tortoise and the Hare.  But I just like it as he forces my king out early, which I'm sure would discombobulate me maybe 18 month ago, but now I could care less, and have no problem bringing the king out into the center as an offensive piece,  and then its  poetic justice in that he brings his queen out early but accomplishes nothing except force my king out, and then my king and converted queen accomplish the checkmate on him at the end.

    As to why not Nf6 on second move, don't know at that early stage why that would be crucial, just copied him with Bc5 for the heck of it.

    I guess it wasn't so much a classic game or anything - he made more than a few mistakes.


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