How many times I can blunder...


and still win. :D

I guess this is a blunder showcase and not a game showcase...

I hate blitz. I don't know why I still play it.

Both constructive criticism and "you suck balls" comments are more than welcome, since let's face it, I deserve the second way more than I do the first. :P




No, the game is fine. Mistakes and blunders are expectedly to occur more in blitz game rather than the long ones because of the time pressure. 


Bowerick you troll. -_-'

Plus, these are like...full on blunders. I'm understand if I made 5-10 minor mistakes and miscalculations. These are like blunders where after I make the move I bonk myself on the and go "Dope!"


As a general rule, one time less than your opponent.


Blitz is a question of how many mistakes you can make before the time ends and before your opponent realizes it.

It's just mindless fun. Nothing more.

Perhaps some day it will be wiped away from the chess world for good.


Actually I'm pretty sure he only blundered like twice. As opposed to my five.

But then why do 2700+ GM's play blitz as a tiebreaker for big tournaments? Isn't that essentially no better than rolling a die or spinning a wheel?