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I always seem to do this to myself

  • #1

    Just wait and watch, tell me, how many times have one of you done these numbers.

  • #2

    I know, I've done the same thing with my friend, I got a 2-3 queens and 1 rook and I accidently drew.

  • #3


    I did that once. 

  • #4

    9.a3! deserves a ? instead of ! because of 9.. Bxc3


    but it was 5 min so no worries ;)

  • #5

    I've drawn with two rooks and a queen before against a king on an open field. S*** happens, I guess.

  • #6

    blitz games can be so sloppy you did well it looks like you may have lost your  concentraition midway through that match =) good match tho


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