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I know it's my fault but this is ridiculous ...

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    This game is a tale of pride and its swift punishment!

    Has something like this ever happened to any of you? I can't deny the comical value of it all, it was like a Chess sketch.

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    Ha! Ouch! Of course I've done similar thingsLaughing

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    It is kind of funny! I wonder if your opponent was playing for the draw. I've tried that at times when in a similar position. 

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    Just to rub salt into an open wound:


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    You were too greedy, everyone get's that, I lost my first correspondence game a couple days ago by pawn grabbing. If you'd like some advice, you didn't need to simplify in a game that clearly wasn't turning around, you could have mated him.

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    I've been involved in something like this three times lol. In three consecutive games. First I played a couple of games with one of my friends, and he was winning in both endgames, and both times he accidentally stalemated me. It was hilarious. Then, I was playing a different friends, and I was winning in the endgame, and I accidentally stalemated him! It was pretty funny.

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    Doggy_Style wrote:

    Just to rub salt into an open wound:



    I'm really, REALLY bad in seeing those checkmates in 2-3 when I'm so far ahead in material. Getting careless and lazy. This had been my 7th or 8th game against martyboy123, and we're having right now a rematch again, which I will dub henceforth: The very bloody and utterly brutal vengeance hyper-kill.

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    Oops!  If it is any consolation, you are clearly better. Cool

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    this one turned out quite favorable for me! Laughing


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