If GingerGM is here.He will happy to see this.



So you watched his videos on the London system. So what?



I HOPE SOMEBODY to analysis this game.That is all.


definitely not a detailed analysis, but appreciate your willingness to share a game.  Don't know what Roast had for breakfast that day, but there was no need to be a jerk.

Move 16, take the rook!  no need to be shy.  If you're going to move the K to get away from the Q, then castle, don't move to e2.  (But there's nothing to be directly scared of there...)

Move 21, need to protect c3, perhaps Ne4, but that square is begging for your B to go there, so Rb3 with the hope of doubling Rs on the b file.  

Good game - Keep at it!  The london will serve you well for a long time.  Knowing just those first few moves is enough opening theory for another 1000 points.  focus on tactics.   After that focus on tactics and endgames.  (and endgame tactics, of course...)

When you start losing games only because you were a little worse out of the opening and couldn't find tactics to overcome it should you spend much more time on openings.  GL - see you around!

RealGojira wrote:

Don't know what Roast had for breakfast that day, but there was no need to be a jerk.

That's your opinion.


I guess you could prefix every sentence with that, and don't know why you felt a need to comment...

I saw someone new to the site (and apparently the game) post a game they were proud of, and saw someone rip him and add nothing positive - not the way I'd think we'd want to welcome a new member.  So I added a note that was a little more friendly...  and you're ripping me for calling that out and trying to be nice, lol, ok.  The comment you chose to reply to (mine, not Roast's) says more about you than me.

I respect the title, so you can go after me for anything there - my rating, or the couple of moves I posted to prop the op up - but I don't get why you'd dig this thread up, read it, and find fault with what I said.  Roast may be a great guy - don't know him, maybe you do - but he wasn't great here.  Not opinion.  Plain reading of what he posted is pretty objective.  


salty children


Well there is a black knight hanging at moves 6, 7 and 8


Hmm thread is months old, nvm.


True, but that didn't keep Godzilla from stompin' around.


was looking for information on a couple of Ginger GM's training tools, and this thread came up at the top of the search list.  tbh, didn't even realize it was months old until after the fact, or i'd have swum back to monster island rather than attempt to storm the city...



I just hope Goj stays away from Living Island!  (I might have to act all mayoral for once and declare a state of emergency or something.)


Lol.  No need to fear, zil loves living island.  You and Jimmy are safe... 


i actually played against him earlier lol





i think the points should be renamed as ratings



*450 rated patzer*


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