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Knight+Rook Sacrifice!

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    This was my morning wake up game on ICC.  I had just taken the first sip of coffee and made a mistake.  I thought I could snag my opponents kingside pawn with the queen, which was wrong I think...then after he made some threats I decided that defense just probably wasn't going to hold a victory.  So since it was my first game of the day I decided to play CRAZY...sacrifced a rook to keep his king in the center, after sacrificing knight for pawn.  Anyway, I won it so it felt good...enjoy!

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    That game was fun. The computer says after my rook sacrifice black is better...but I was playing a human not a computer so...a little rattle and awkward king placement goes a long way. 

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    You could have mated on move 27. (27. Qe8#) ;P Impressive though James.. As always.. haha :D


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