Masterclass of Smith-Morra Gambit


Hey, I was in good voice that day!

pfren wrote:
Optimissed έγραψε:

It's wrong from first principles if black can sacrifice a piece for a pawn and get a better ending, so white would probably have to chop the knight on a6 to prevent black from being able to achieve that kind of ending. Then white would probably have to castle k-side AND advance the k-side pawns against black's king, which black can leave on e8 in any case. I'd rather be black, for sure.


7.Bxa6 is a no-go because of 7...Qa5+ and ...Qxa6, and now white even has trouble castling without allowing a queen swap.>>

Yes I missed the Q check at the time. It doesn't look good for white. I wish my opponents would do that.




Garbage. What you showed me is what not to do.


Let that be a lesson to you then!


I guess HAL has to warm up every time or something.