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Mate in 3

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    White to play and mate in 3
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    This one's easy--compared to the Tactics Trainer that is.  Rg7+ Kf8 (...Kh8, Rh7#), Ref7+ Ke8, Rg8#.

    I find that if I do 25 of the exercises before playing blitz, I play better and see much more.



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    Thanks, Marc. Yes, the Tactics Trainer is really helpful. For almost a year, I've been in the 1650 - 1550 slot. I tend to get careless and drop many good positions which I could have won. Besides, I'm not focused and have this habit of watching tv while playing! Laughing

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    Do you have an Elo rating?  I have a United States Chess Federation rating of 1826 (it was as high as 2007 way back in 1987 or so), but with a family I don't have much opportunity to spend an entire weekend playing chess.  I never know how the Chess.Com ratings correspond to Elo ratings.  I always play 10-minute games, never bullet or standard.  I generally can't get computer time from my son!

    Best of luck to Anand!


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    Oh, wow! USCF 1800+ is real good I guess. I think the other day I saw a thread / post here comparing various ratings like Elo, USCF and the rating on this site. 

    Yes, I too was very active back in 1985-90 and used to play in local tournaments here. But things were so different then - no computers / chess engines etc

    I normally play 10/10 or 15/10. I think I should move playing to 30 minute game which will bring in some seriousness into my approach.

    Thank you and yes we are all waiting for the big event - Anand x Gelfand and I think that's gonna be exciting! 

    Thanks, nice talking to you.Smile


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