My 47 Semi-Memorable Games (#26: I make master! [allegedly])


Now, I know that some of you have your doubts about this (and believe me, I have mine too some days), but I'm pretty sure this actually happened since I have a lot of memories of it.  Of course, being a child of the 1970s, memory isn't necessarily my strong suit. Smile

After starting out the tourney with this win, I went on to beat Fritzinger and another 2300 in the last round.  My only loss was to Watson in round 3, and he went on to beat Biyiasis and tie for first with a SM named Frenkel with 4-0's.  Usually People's was a 3-day event (held over Presidents Day), but this time--for some reason--it ran only on Saturday and Sunday (a good thing for me, since I always tended to bomb out on Mondays anyway).

My opponent for this one was still several years away from the IM title, but he was a scary enough prospect for me notwithstanding.  I figured it was just gonna be another case of having to play up (and be fed to a shark) in the first round; but a funny thing happened somewhere in there...

Oh yeah, and after the game the tournament (co-) director, Alan Glasscoe, looked at me (and my scoresheet) suspiciously and asked me a couple times:  "You won?"  So apparently the tradition of doubting my abilities is a long-standing one...

Anyway, when my rating after this event finally came out it was 2206.  I was in one of my periods of (relative) lack of interest in the game though, so the main thing I was happy about was that the $200 best-expert prize enabled me to purchase a camera! (photography being my mania then).



Nice game!