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My chess tournament- Part 10- My experience at the NAYCC in Toronto, Canada

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    You used to play 1. d4 e5? That is my bullet 1 min chess opening

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    Now _that_ is funny!

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    @bean_Fischer yeah, I prepare some backups too if lets say, I'm at a national tournament and I know for sure my opponent has prepared against me. 

    @elo123 Yep, I love my style! Thanks!

    @TheBlueKnight9 French is pretty cool, but there are some positions which I don't like for black. White can already equalize with 3. exd5 and has a good chance for a draw. But I know practically nothing about it, you're the expert.

    @NM Danielminghe Yeah. You can play anything in bullet and still win :)

    @hreedwork 1. d4 e5 is garbage!

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    "...in case someone has prepared against me."

    LOL that's me, I prepare against a lot of my chess friends Wink


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