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My first "perfect" game

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    This game was in one of the 5 minute live blitz tournaments. Chess.com computer analysis shows 0 for all of the no-no's so to say the least i am pretty proud of myself, especially considering the time limit. Enjoy and feel free to comment.

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    Can't see any improvements to your play. Well done.  :)

    How does white get on do you think if they play d3, Ne2 and Be3 instead of the a3, b4 manoevre?

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    I think I would still be okay there.  My pieces would be more active and d3 would be weak.  What do you think?

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    I know it's not perfect, that's why I said "perfect".  It's just nice to see 0's for once, that's all. :)

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    I don't know what a computer evaluation would be after move 11 but I suspect you are winning. Moving the Queen back home is a big concession by white and at the very least he is now reduced to defending for a long time.  Your knight is a real bone in the throat and even if he manages to exchange it a bishop or queen on d5 would be just as huge.

    But as Houdini gives white actually ahead after 15Bb2 I guess there is resource for white that I do not see.

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    First of all let me say that you responded very well to your opponent's moves, eventually forcing a perpetual check if he played the correct 18. gxf3 instead of 18. Kh1?? However, I agree with johntoudell's comment regarding 13. d3 instead of 13. a3? for white. 13.a3 is pointless. He could have just played 13. b4 right away and even this, I believe leaves white better. White went even more astray with 14. b4. After 13...f5 white really needs to free up his bishop quickly with d3 again. Yes, d3 is a backward pawn on a half-open file but after black plays fxe4, that d3 pawn just recaptures and that issue is solved. The critical point is the need to free up white's only bishop.

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    True, good thoughts guys.  Thanks for the tips and compliments.

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    What?! This was a 5 minute blitz game?! LOL. I missed that part. Heck, with those time controls, you played awesome. It was thinking this was regular time controls and couldn't stop thinking how poorly white played. Now it all makes sense.

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    Very nice game :) I especially like Nf3+, well done

    Just remember that mistakes do not necessarily mean tactical errors or losing material. Positional chess blunders are blunders we can make without any provocation from our opponents. I really enjoyed going through your game, but remember, even Grandmasters have trouble getting a "perfect game" there is always room for improvement

    Overall fantastic game you played, looking forward to seeing you improve

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    Thank you very much for the nice comments!

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    I think the chess.com computer that does analysis for non-paying members may be slightly weaker than the one used for premium members. I think I do remember reading this somewhere on the site. it's possible that other stronger engines would give some inaccuracies. It'd be interesting to run it through Houdini 3 and see what happens. 


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