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My game on blindfold chess

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    In this game, I am absolute winning right? I stood well on the opening but in the end, my ability to visualize piece stumble. What it made so beautiful is when I'm analysing it and was knowing how funny I was playing blindfold. 

    Here's the game:

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    The game was very interesting, as even it's blindfold I still have the ability to draw complications on the board. :D

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    I think you were completely winning. I missed the knight on f3 when I lost my bishop on d4. I then forgot you had a rook covering e5. You also missed that I hung my queen on c6.

    I am not sure whether Bh7 was a good move, as the bishop go trapped.

    Then you were unlucky at the end to lose a few pieces in the time scramble. 

    Anyway... when can you play the next game?

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    Yes, it's really hard to play when your down on time. And in the end, things gone worse as I am looking all over the board for my knight wasn't realizing that it was taken by the pawn on e5. :D

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    Was this played on chess.com?  I thought you had to have a premium membership to use the blind pieces?

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    No anyone can use the blind pieces.

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    Anyone can use a blind fold pieces on online chess. :D

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    Looks like a great game of blindfold!

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    Thanks! Even though I lose, I still want to share this game as this have been interesting.

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    NyLsel, that is too bad you lost, you were doing very well throughout the game and blunder a piece on move 39.Ke3 and move 45.Kd3, you should of play 45.h4 which would of probably would of draw for you, eliminate the kingside pawn and go for the queenside pawn and you would have a sure draw. Even if black was able to keep his a-pawn, you would still hold a draw because his bishop is on the wrong color queening square. I undetrstand you were playing bllindfold and I think you play well in those conditions.

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    Yes, you know playing blindfold chess has it's own rhythm. In my case, I lose my own momentum and start having problems in my visualization.

    I forgot the pawn on g6 blocking my bishop, the knight on d4 that I thought was a pawn on the endgame and many more.

    However, I still enjoyed the game so far.

    Thanks for the compliment!


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    Yes, it is on live chess. On online chess, I still don't know if that's possible.

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    Was there any "I-don't-know-what's-there-let's-move-it" moves? :)

    Quite astonishing performance though! What was the time control? :)

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    Time control was 10 minutes and so I was forced to move in time trouble. :D

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    You had to play it very quickly I guess. For 10 minutes... I can only say "great memory"! :)

    My friend recently posted a nice article on blinfold chess (link, if anyone is interested in). Laughing

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    good game


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