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My Shortest Wins IX

  • #1

    Hi, and welcome to my Shortest Win series! This is the ninth installment, featuring my wins in under 25 moves. I start with OTB games then online games.

    Here's the game (which I posted before) with a nice Queen Sacrifice to finish off the game.

    Hold on tight!


    Now to start my raging attack (continuation).


  • #2

    Elephant gambit, huh? I never knew it had a name. I just called it...Abhishek's gambit :-)

  • #3

    haha :). Now that I play it so often people are scared at me, in my last tournament right before the round was starting I saw my opponent preparing against my gambit, with help from  people who beat me against it. He still lost though.

  • #4

    I've never seen this played outside of really crappy blitz players (I'm sure you play it better than them).  I had no idea the greek gift sac was a theme in this opening.


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