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My Shortest Wins XVI

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    Hey guys! Welcome to the sixteenth installment of My Shortest Wins. Today's game is a very well conducted attack after hesitating in the opening and going into a COMPLETELY different position because I forgot what my coach told me to play! I know NO theory about it so I got myself into this horrible position! I started to panic but just played my style, and brought all my pieces in for the kill.

    Here we go!:

    This shows that as long as you play your style you can play nearly any position!

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    4...e6 is probably a positional nightmare for black. One of the worst moves you can make! i guess you didnt know the theory so 3..Bg4 was apparent, and thats fine, but lord knows what he would play 6.cxd5, anyways you showed me this game, and after say move 9, black should be a bit better, and you created slow threats that your opponent couldn't handle.

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    Looks like your opponent wasn't very familiar with the opening as well. Going 4.e3 is an obvious loss of tempo and development, it's black who should be defensive, not white! Also 5.b3? I don't see the idea behind this.

    Indeed a good example of how playing non-standard opening may be dreadful. (Blitz is a completely different thing though.)

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    whoops! my rating was 1742.


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