My System by Aron Nimzowitsch

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    I have just started reading this and would like the thoughts of some of the people that have read it already what your thoughts are? Did you learn a lot? Is there a certain level you should be before taking it on? That sort of thing.

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    At the outset, it is a remarkable book. I've barely attempted to read more than a few pages for the same reason you just mentioned => I'm not ready for it.

    Though in your case it really depends on what books on strategy/position you've already read. I don't think making this monster your first foray into positional understanding is a great idea. You've got tons of other books that will help you get your feet wet before tackling this one.

    A few very good ones include =>

    • Simple Chess by Michael Stean
    • Silman's The Amateur's Mind
    • Pawn Power by Kmoch
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    Thanks for commenting. Yeah i see what you mean, but i have read Simple Chess by Michael Stean, Logical Chess Move By Move by Irving Chernev and Planning by Niel McDonald so im not sure. Is there a level i should reach before reading this?

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    I always use the following thumb-rules to decide if a book is above my level or not =>

    1. Can I jump between the author's diagrams while being able to hold all of it in my head or do I need to set up a board and move pieces? The more advanced books assume you are pretty sound at analysis.

    2. Do the chapters directly address something I KNOW I am deficient in? For example, I only had a vague awareness about outposts, minority attacks and rook-penetration but I did know that I "needed" to know more. I flipped through the contents page ... Bingo!!! Michael Stean's book fit the bill.  Contrast that with a Dvoretsky endgame manual that discusses how to build a King+rook+knight fortress against a King and Queen? Uhhh...I don't think so.

    3. The quality of errors.   If the author highlights errors like dropping pieces, that book is for pre-schoolers. If the author highlights errors made like tactical blunders, well that makes for a good beginner-intermediate book.  Poor break moves and moves that weaken the position ... yeah , now we're talking intermediate level. My kind of stuff :)

    Finally, if the author's idea of a mistake is an inaccuracy based on a deviation on the 15th move of an opening that I couldn't care less about, wellll...that book is NOT for me. :)


    Hope this helps!

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    I always set up a board when i study because over the board is completly different to looking at diagrams and it will be easier to come to your head if you set the board up. Yes that did help thanks. So now onto to people that have read the whole book, did it bring your chess on a lot a little or not at all?

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    It's not an easy read and you have to take some of it with large pinches of salt, but in my view it is a must-read if you can.  And yes, it changed my play, especially when I first read it - I remember some games I played shortly afterwards that would have fitted nicely into the chapters on pawn chains, open files etc.

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    Ok cheers mate.

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    Reb wrote:

    I first read MY System when I was about 1500 and it helped me more than any other chess book. I gained 300 rating points in 1 year ( OTB ) after reading/studying it.

    That's a strong endorsement.  What I'm curious to know is, like all titled players who usually race to the top of the mountain given how talented they are, would you say this was the only factor or did this merely "accelerate" your climb to the top?

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    i do not suggest you to read it on your own...

    i mean it is hard to do on your own...

    i have to admit that this book combining with some others paseed me to the next level...although i didn't study it coach did put me diagrams and helped me to analayze the positions...

    after some months i tried to study it on my own...i finished the book...but i learned absolutely nothing...i wasted a lot of time on my own...

    i would suggest you to leave this book for now but then again it is your choice...

    it is just the type of books that can make you through to the next level although you need someone to help you with it...

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    tonydal wrote:

    I know lots of other people swear by it and call it their bible...but I'm afraid I never really got too much out of it.

     tonydal which book(s) that made a different for you in improvement in chess  

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    Thanks a lot for your thoughts.

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    hey can any1 give me the e-book of MY SYSTEM

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    MY System is a brilliant book. it tells you everything you need to know about open files the centre and much more
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    synchmachine wrote:

    hey can any1 give me the e-book of MY SYSTEM

    Who says piracy and laziness can't get along :)

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    Another book worth a mention is "Chess Strategies for the Club PLayer" by Grooten.

    Is more readable than other 'textbook' style middlegame books I've read. Highly recommend. (1600 - 2300 perhaps)

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    Interesting - can anyone tell me what things are addressed My System?


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    Oh okay - sweet. Thanks for your answer. What does it focus on? e.g. tactics, opening, position, etc?

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