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Neat game!

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    Oops! I was wrong. The winner was 13 years old.

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    Impressive! What was the black player's rating?

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    oinquarki wrote:

    Impressive! What was the black player's rating?

    I don't know what her rating was at the time, oinquarki. It was Yifan Hou when she was 13Smile

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    Was it a tournament game or a simul? Way to clear way with the exchange-sac.

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    It was a tournament game.

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    Judit Polgar is playing Yifan Hou right now at the Gibraltar tournament!Smile

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    This is the position right now^^^^

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    The position below Houdini evaluates as +1.16 for Yifan over Judit!

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    Yifan Hou is two pawns up against Judit Polgar in their first ever game together! This will also be Yifan's second win against a 2700 in this tournament! Amazing!

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    I wonder if Judit and Hou would be more open to a match after todays game

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    Judit said she would for the right amount of money.

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    Great! I'll start pinching my pennies

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    I bet they would play a match for ten thousand pounds(that's one million euros)!Laughing

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    LisaV wrote:

    That 1st game is cool how, if it's played out, white's promoted queen skewers black's king and wins black's promoted queen.

    Usually, dummy me can't figure out why GM's stop playing.  lol

    Yes! Yifan Hou was only 13 when she did that, now, four years later she's beating Polgar!

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    OMG!! Yifan Hou just beat Quang Liem Le!!! It was an absolutely incredible game, I feel like I played it!Laughing That makes the 3rd 2700 she has beaten this tournament! WOW!

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    Here's the gameSmile

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    Yifan Hou has just beaten Shirov!! That's the fourth 2700 in this tournament!!Smile

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    wow !


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