Never resign

Never resign




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I was black.

Thanks anyway wink.png


I'm in



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Never resign



I don't see how Black is even losing at any point of the game after 7. d4.


Black has been always been winning since then. White had no checkmate or strong attack at all, even with the queen and rook lined up along the h-file.






Really enjoyed this game, and shows that even in the most unlikely of situations you can still mate your opponent. I personally don't resign anymore as I look at every losing position I'm in as a learning moment and want to see how either properly convert the win or what not to do from those players that don't convert. When I was a <1000 player I always thought, "man those 1200 and 1300 players don't seem to make many errors" and then as a 1300 player I thought the same about 1500+ players. Now that I'm a 1500 level player I've come to realize all players make bad moves and unless you are a Super GM there are always players that will make you look like a terrible chess player and exploit your errors.



people resign on me too much.angry.png

it hurts badly to lose like this.

Good job!


Didn't win, but a game where I drew but should've lost.


In my situation below, my non-resignation of this game had very great implications. Reposted from another topic.


In the following 2|1 game I should have resigned (due to my ill-timed 23. Qg3), but because it was a tournament game (the fourth round out of five), I decided to hold on.



I somehow survived the completely lost position and the extremely low time of 2 seconds left. I checked with one of my friends afterwards, and indeed, according to him, I had actually seen the pawn sacrifice idea before, which was why I suddenly saw the idea that split second after I pushed that pawn. It turned out that 57...Kh2 was a major blunder, and Black should have just pushed the g4 pawn forward.


This game had a very major implication on my position in the tournament. Had I lost this round, I would have been placed on a score of 2/4 (I lost my very first round in the tournament), and I would have been paired with another opponent and probably lost the fifth (final) game as well. This would leave me in fourth or fifth place (amongst the five people who remained in the tournament at the end), thus leaving me with no trophy.


With the improbable win, I went up to 3/4 in the tournament. The tournament leader was still ahead at 3.5/4 at the end of the fourth round. I became optimistic of getting a third place trophy and I was elated. Following which, I happened to be the player obtaining the "bye" in the fifth round (securing a guaranteed second place with 4/5), and the tournament leader shockingly lost the final round to stay on 3.5/5.


That one game I decided to hold on to caused a reversal of my fortunes, from no trophy in sight to a first place trophy.




I will resign whenever I like when I am not going to win .Not gonna play for the sake of it