Nifty little trap/tactic


Throughout the game we were about even, then I noticed a trap I can set for black. I did king-rook fork with a knight where the knight could be taken. Ostensibly it looked like an offer of a knight for nothing more than an exposed king. Black took the knight and resigned a move later.

Metaknight251 wrote:

f3 isn't dubious at all.  It is the fantasy variation (I think) and it is playable for white.  after c3, taking looks good for black.  Why do you think that it is bad for black after dxc3 qxd8+ kxd8 nxc3?  black is up a solid pawn, the e4 pawn is isolated, and black is certainly not getting mated anytime soon. 

If the continuation dxe4 leaves black 'up a solid pawn etc.', doesn't that prove that f3 is dubious? It's certainly playable but not best play.

You're right about dxc3 being a good option, and I've edited the OP.


I meant sold pawn.