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Opponent Taking Forever!!

  • #21
    BrandonC9 wrote:

    Is it possible you can show us the game?

    it's linked at my first post #14



    Cool at last!!

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    You can probably report him to a moderator for bad sportsmanship, or is he actually on vaction?

  • #23

    He seems to be doing this to everyone in the tournament. How do I report him?

  • #24

    Let's make it happen!

  • #25

    what does the symbol look like?

  • #26

    Well thanks for your comment. I just prefer to play against good sports, after all ,this is for fun.

  • #27

    no one likes to play with a cheater or a person with a really bad attitude

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    bartelby49 wrote:

    my opponent is waiting until his  3 days are almost up before he makes a move. Can something be done to get rid of such aggravating players?





    I am currently playing an opponent who does the same thing. Though I wish he would not play this way, it is part of the game. He has 7 days to move, if he wants to wait to move until there are only minutes or hours left, that's his perogrative. I choose not to be annoyed by it.

  • #29

    I'll try to do the same

  • #30

    if it you say it that way, i guess its our opponents' call. its his time, anyway. Thanks!

  • #31

    i'm not complaining or anything, but i'm playing 2 games with a guy who said he'll be back from vacation on 07/01. how long was that ago?



  • #32

    It's likesome car drivers. They may have a licence but they have no business being out there on the road driving the rest of us mad.

  • #33

    i saw on the news the other day that an SUV was surrounded by a ton of motorcyclists and was forced to stop

  • #34

    I think that SUV guy accidently bumped into one of those bikers, at least that's what I understood. If so, he brought that disaster on himself!

  • #35

    no, the group of mortorclists intentiontionally surrounded him. the SUV driver didn't know what was going on.


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