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Post your best miniatures here

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    Please annotate them and enjoy others posts

    to begin here is an otb one i played today

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    I had a look through my online games here, I have over 400 wins in 20 moves or less. Surprised

    I'm not gonna post all of them....

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    just post your favorite rooperi

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    A much older game of mine:

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    My opponent was just a patzer:

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    That first miniature against the English is one of the best games I've ever played.  I can only think of one other that would be in contention.

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    These are all painful losses for the other players, especialy when the person just walks away and says you are to good

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    both of those hurt to watch, but wasnt the one in post 11 a well know trap

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    i will post another miniature of mine


    sorry for the lengthy annotations on that one

    also if you wish to analyse other peoples games, you can do that to

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    How is 8. ... Bd7 a "decent developing move?" It loses the knight and all hope of King safety.

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    good point there frrixz

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    My first game on chess.com:

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    I've been posting winning games... must I now post some losing games so people don't get a false impression of me?

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