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Promotion in the opening on chess.com

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    In a recent game on chess.com I got a mate in the opening.  But if my opponent had made a different last move, I could have sacrificed my queen for a rook and forced a promotion in the opening.

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    I'm afraid we'll see this in a Sunday puzzle soon Wink

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    It is good your looking for idea's like that mate! But your opponent played badly and deserved it too.

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    yeah, i am going to have to agree w/ the above coment.  To leave a pawn sitting on the 6 file that has the ability to capture is bad enough but to let it result in a mate is horrific.

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    instead of Qe6, i prefer for Nb4 for black move. yah Croat_1993, i think you are right.

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    Pretty cool, it is not always such a clean punishment of a bad opponent's opening.  Nice tactics, P!



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