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Quite possibly the weirdest chess game ever.

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    The story is that I study chess class, and yesterday we've been visited by a CM. He played a couple of games with us, and I challenged too. I was black. Literally no comments about this.
     Find win for White.

    and I resigned, because I get mate or lose a queen.

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    krudsparov wrote:

    Better is Nxf6...Kf8     Qg8# although Rh3 gets the job done.


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    Well at least you had the experience of playing an over-the-board game against a titled player. Try again next time!

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    In hindsight what would you say was your first bad move?  

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    The idea to play ...e5 with Black is ok, but i do not like ... f6. How about 5... e5 immediately?
    6.h3 Bxf3 7.Qxf3 Nd4!?

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    Pretty normal looking stuff. He was playing against your lack of development and light squares, that's why he knew he could ignore your queenside threats (when you captured on c2 and a1), because it is just a waste of time for you to do that. He didn't have to calculate anything to know this, it's just standard stuff.

    Also this is a better finish:


    I see the engine liked your position on move 10, but I think I know what he was thinking, because I'd certainly be thinking it "anyone who plays moves like 4...Bb4 and 5...f6 has no idea what he's doing, so I'll just attack and end the game right away."

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    nice game

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    DoubIe_Dragon написал:

    In hindsight what would you say was your first bad move?  

    Defending f4

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    If you had played be6 you would have won

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    14...g5, defending the pawn, was deadly. You should instead probably move your knight to b4, but the defence would be not funny with your exposed King, right? You are right, it is weird game with both players taking a rook.
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    If you want to see a weird game, try this one from an Untitled Tuesday event.  I blundered a piece in the opening, then blundered my queen for a rook, then promoted three pawns, then lost on time:


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    I think the weirdest must be this one in between Simon William and Ben Finegold

    6 moves of weirdness


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