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Scandinavia is a Cold Place

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    So, I played this cold game. Many mistakes, but normal for 5/0.


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    Nice win. I always enjoy playing through your games - thanks for posting them. Smile

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    I've grown quite fond of the Scandinavian defence but prefer Qd7 or Qa5 rather than Qd8, I am quite impatient at times and love a more attacking/aggressive approach and tend to opt for Qa5.

    In my amateur experience, I've always played decently and achieved equality if not great attacking potential when playing the Scandi at any time parameter less than or equal to 10|0, I've also suffered embarrassing losses at "standard" time limits andand more importantly never won a game at this level when I have responded 1. D5 to e4, pretty much exposing my lack in theory of the Scandi, then again in comparison to other opening theories, there isn't much what I consider a "wealthy plethora of lines to the Scandinavian accepted" but also why I was attracted to the opening response in the first place.. relatively easy opening to learn say rather than the Queens Gambit Declined or Caro Kann. I may be mistaken, but I wonder if you feel the limited main lines available is sufficient? Would you rather have a plethora of lines to play ? I find that obscure responses from white tends to throw me off my game.

    Thanks for sharing, fun game to watch.

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    Kiwi,  I never play the Center-Counter or the Scandinavian Defense, but i play against it a lot as White.  As a rule, I don't have much problem with the opening and usually go into middle game equal or better.  This game was an exception due to my blunder on move 10. I really posted this game because of my stupid mistake and the fact that such a mistake wasn't exploited, even though my opponent's rating was about 250 pts above my own. People need to play vigorously when they gain an large advantage. I didn't force the mate, but I think my opponent got lost in the haze (as I almost did).

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    The old scool of Morphy is still strong! :)

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    waking back up, hehe, nice. 


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