Scandinavian MATE IN 7


Scandinavian Defense Gone WRONG! mate 7.  That is in no way the main line ,but Has anyone (themselves not a known GM ) successfuly won a game playing this opening trap?5...bxq looked good for black at timethis-scandinavian-continuation

Please be

relevant, helpful & nice!


Is Scandanavia even a country? I thought it was called Sweden?




good aggresion from white

but aided wi black's laxity



Scandinavia is the area with Sweden, Norway and Denmark are a part of. We almost the same culture and language, but are separate countries. 


Oh sorry, I was taught different at school. Silly teachers. Sorry if I offended you.


Haha, you didn't offend me. We are a small country and I had to find out where Monteserrat where by wikipedia so equal shame on me :)

We are so extremly similar (Understand each others languages, having the same politics, exactly the same traditions (Protestant christian), same weather) that it's often talk about the scandinavian way of living and so on.

And not to forget, the scandinavian way to play chess :) (My favorite opening, i have higher score with this than when i play as white)