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The daily puzzle does something

  • #1

    I am improving!

  • #2

    Unfortunetely for you, when the enemy king wants to attack and goes in the centre of the board you usualy can checkmate him, so this is hardly improving. You should play with tougher opponents, and then you can call that improving. Also, nice game,but I don't see the checkmate after 19...Kxe3.

  • #3

    Nevermind, there is checkmate after 19...Kxe3.

  • #4

    Sure I'm improving, always lost before, now I lose sometimes. LaughingTongue Out

  • #5

    but still the checkmate looks nice

  • #6

    Nice ending Smile Also after 19: PF3+  KxE3.

    But with this kind of play from black, you will only improve tactics, not positional play Cool


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