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The Inevitability of Blitz

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    I love blitz! And same as with piano playing, sometimes the harmony is enriched and enhanced EXACTLY when you are playing fast...

    I sometimes find myself playing better speed chess than when I have time to think... it's as though by over-thinking I cool myself off and talk myself out of doing the right things...

    I once made an experiment, and suggested to a friend to play a series up to 6, when I have one minute and him - five. It ended 6.5:2.5 in my favor!

    He then suggested a series up to 6, when we both have 5 minutes. The result was 6:2 in my favor - pretty much the same, but it felt... how shall I put it? Just less excitement. 

    And on a more personal note - Elubas - are you online now? How about a little standard time control game? Like a 15 or a 20 minute thing?

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    Hmm... like I said, I'd be happy to play, it's just that finals are tomorrow, plus I have a tournament on Saturday, then I'll want to study those games... I've been a little busy, but after all that I'll have pretty much nothing to do Smile

    You would probably crush me in blitz though. Maybe in standard I have a chance!

    "And same as with piano playing, sometimes the harmony is enriched and enhanced EXACTLY when you are playing fast..."

    Ok, then: to even things out I'll give you time odds: Me with 20 minutes, you with 3 minutes Tongue out

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    BG, I've seen a bunch of comments lately about how you should post your games, or annotate your games, or which games you should post, etc., and I have to say, I think you've done great so far--the games you post have a point, and you bring out the point well (I mean, for blitz), and, though they may be imperfect, they are entertaining to play through.  And, yeah, while I have noticed there are a few people here who won't cut you any slack, remember, they don't boo random players when you play at the other teams house, they only boo the good players--we call 'em road cheers.  Live it, love it, and rock on, kiddo.

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    Elubas I intended to play with you standard all along, as from looking at your ratings and learning about your serious tendencies in other ways (the fact that you go for online chess and have your highest ratings there, your way of discussing things, the fact that you're an active OTB tournament player and analyst) I got it that this is your major field of interest. 

    About blitz - of course we can also do that, regardless of results, blitz games are faster and they always provide stuff to talk about and compare...

    Incidentally I have a couple of concerts coming now, Saturday night and Monday night, so I also don't know that I can find time to play. Later - I guess we'll find a moment..

    Lol for the time odds :-) but waiting for 20 minutes is really boring! 7 or 8 to 3 is more like it - but I don't think that our levels are so different that the effort is justified. We can try though... is there any way to program time odds on this website?

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    Of course I was kidding about the time odds, but it wouldn't be that hard to implement as long as we were honest. For instance, if I had eight minutes and you had three, we would just start an eight minute game and you would agree that you lost if you got down to five minutes at any point.

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    Um no how about he takes five minutes for his second move.

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    Yeah, that makes somewhat more sense.

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    Very true! Unless the server judges me to have lost because of abandoning the game. 

    Maybe the tenth move should take 5 minutes. 

    But time odds games are only fun OTB - I don't think that it's quite the same experience when playing online... no - let's just play some standard chess at some point (but not right this minute)


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