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the sharpest game i have played till now

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    last time, i had posted a forum thread with the name -- "my closed and semi-closed positional game "

    now i am posting the sharpest game i have played till now.i will not give explaination to all the moves played here.so,just enjoy!!!

    i don't remember whether this game was a blitz or bullet but i am sure that this was not a standard one.

    actually , in he game , i played a line which i had prepared while playing againt engine Alaric.actually,  i was playing against it when i made it work at only 40% of its strength . iwas able to defeat it by palying this line.so, i just made a mental note of this line to try it playing here. 

    fortunately, i defeated my most bitter chess rival here with this game.( while playing chess, we are bitter rival but not while chatting with each other).

    for some users this line will be stupid(of course it is stupid). however, this line works well against those players who make moves only on general principals or those don't understand caro-kan opening.

    here is another game where i was able to defeat a higher rated opponent with this line.


    you might say that such trash lines works only in blitz however in my opinion, such trash line must easily be refuted a strong opponent even while playing blitz.

    please leave tell me the name of the gambit which i have played here.( i hope that it has a name)

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    The sharpest game i have played in years, and I thought I was going to lose in the beginning, but my opponent blundered too many times against me. Granted he was playing like 10 games at once really fast:



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    over a hunderd views, i guess no one here knew the name of the gambit i played here.


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