tubebender (John M. Hagerty) vs. GystavSochi



Notes (courtesy of Mr. Hagerty)




  1.  The Goldman line.  A bit unusual, but I often like to play “offbeat” variations.

  2.  3…dxe4 is safe.  3…d4 enters into complications with 4. Bc4.  3…e6 seems a little passive.

  3. Pinning the knight was a key element in this game.

  4. Other good moves are:  7…0-0, 7…Nbd7 and 7...Nd5.

  5. 8…0-0 might lead to 9.  Bxh6 gxh6 10. Qxh6 Qxd4 11. Qg5+ Kh8 12. Qh6+ Kg8 13. Qg5+ with a perpetual check draw.  9. Bxf6 Bxf6 leads to a fairly equal position.  8…Nbd7 is a TN (Theoretical Novelty).

  6. 9…Nh7 would have lead (by transposition) to Ageev, Kirill – Yandarbiev, Said Rus – CHB U12 Dagomys (7) 04. 2009 ½ - ½ .  Therefore 9…Nd5 is a TN.

  7. 11. Qxe7+ would have just killed what little attack that I have.

  8. 12. 0-0-0 Nxc3, and now White is in trouble with his weakened king position.

  9. Just probing the queenside since I thought that my kingside hopes were neutralized despite my bishop on d3.

  10. 14…c5 was a good counterattack.  White would have gotten triple isolated pawns on the open c- file had he taken.

  11. I was planning to play 18. Ng4 to try to exchange queens and try my luck in an endgame at this point.

  12. 19…Qc7 breaks the pin and frees up Black’s position. 

  13. The plan was to double rooks on the b-file.

  14. 21…a5 stops 22. Rab4.

  15. The c-pawn could be a dangerous passer.

  16. The plan was to do a “rook lift” from R-b3-g3, but I thought that Black could still stop me by exchanging queens.

  17. I made this “luft” move so that I could have the option of Kh2 and Rg1 if the “rook lift” idea, as stated before, failed.

  18. 25…Nd5 looks good to me to kill White’s attack.

  19. 27…Qxd7 might have been a defense.  27…Rxd7 leaves the 8th rank vulnerable to mating net possibilities. 

  20. 28…Kf8 would have held on longer.  I think that White is now winning.

  21. 29. Rh5 probably would have forced 29…Qxg3 30. Qxg3, winning.

  22. 30. Rxf5 looks strong right now.

  23. 30…Qd8 31. Re3 Re7 32. d5 Qg8 33. d6 still wins.

  24. One of my best moves ever!

  25. 32…Re1+ 33. Kh2 Qxg3+ 34. Kxg3 wins.

  26. If 35…Ke8 then 36. Qg8#.


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Thank you.


This game was part of the Caro-Kann Open Challenge (Caro-Kann Thematic Match) at three days per move on Online Chess.  Mr. Hagerty was representing the Caro-Kann Cutthroats, and his opponent was representing the Baker Street Irregulars.  The game took place on Board Six during Round One. 

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